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(After Little Mix questioned why they were called 5 Seconds of Summer and listed variations of their name that they could've chosen which then 5SOS fired back with questioning them about their name as well as variations of their name, which can be found here.)

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"But why are they called Little Mix? They could have been called Big Mix.Or Maybe Medium-Sized Mix.You coulda' been a Bargain Mix. What about a mix.... tape?"

Int: Hobbies?

Luke: "My hobbies are procrastinating and band-ing - that's not a word. Okay."

Michael: "I play video games and I lie in bed."

Calum: "Sleeping, eating, procrastinating."

Ashton: "Um... mostly just drumming."


Ashton: "Do I look like I know how to twerk? I'm a small blonde boy."

Ashton: "You know, I used to work at KFC..."

(While trying to sing Amnesia for an acoustic session, Michael interrupts with various animal noises)

Michael: "Meow."

Calum: Why do I even try?"


Int: If you were a dinosaur what dinosaur would you be?

Ashton: "What's the one with the big-ass neck?"

Michael: "A giraffe."


(From the 2nd 5SOS in London Tour Diary, which can be found here.)

Ashton: "I don't like people. I'm not a people person."

Int: Were they good students?

Calum, Michael & Luke's teacher: "Fantastic students..."


Michael (on Luke): "And, um, in year 9 we hated each other... He wanted to kill me, I wanted to kill him..."

*When asked about favorite pick-up lines*


5sos during an interview, 2018

Michael-"Let's play Titanic, You be iceberg and I'll go down."