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Following are some of the terms frequently used by the band members of 5 Seconds of Summer.


5SOS Dictionary:[]

  • Ace- Very Good.
  • Barbie- Barbecue, as in "throw another prawn (no one from Australia says shrimp) on the barbie."
  • Bities- Biting insects
  • Bludger- Lazy person, someone who relies on other people to do things and lend them things.
  • Blue- A fight, as in "He was having a blue with that other dude."
  • Chewie- Chewing gum
  • Cozzie- Swim Suit
  • Dunny (also Dunny Can)- Toilet, either the room or the specific fixture, especially an outhouse or other outdoor toilets.
  • Footy- Australian Rules football
  • Hooroo- Goodbye
  • Jumpback- Sheep
  • Lair it up- To behave in a vulgar manner.
  • Maccas (pronounced "mackers")- McDonalds, as in, "Let's get shakes and fries at Maccas."
  • Pash- A long, passionate kiss
  • Ridgy- didge- Original, truthful, genuine.
  • Spit the dummy- To get upset very suddenly, as in "He's going to spit the dummy when he finds out his car has been stolen."
  • Tucker- Food, nourishment
  • Vego (pronounced vejjo, if you're not Aussie)- A vegetarian
  • Yabber- To talk a lot, as in "Those ladies at the beauty shop sure love to yabber."