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Boy (stylized as boy) is an EP by Luke Hemmings, released through Arista Records on April 26, 2024.


I wrote these songs at a moment in my life when I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about the world & myself. All the emotions, fears and grief that came with it.

– Luke Hemmings, Instagram[1]

These songs are a snapshot of my inner workings and the way I see the world. They’re not intended to be consumed as autobiographical facts to dissect, but as an overly dramatic, cathartic, poetic stream of my consciousness. As if you’ve opened my diary and can only read a line from each page. I hope you love them and can find yourself within the music and lyrics. I’m so grateful to be able to share this with the world. Thank you.

– Luke Hemmings, "boy is yours april 26th."[2]


Luke first began teasing the title in February 2024, when in a post promoting the Ladygunn magazine, he wrote in the caption "Ladygunn, thanks for having the boy!". Soon after, on February 26, Hemmings posted a video teaser of the album.[3] The following day, Hemmings announced "Shakes" to be the newest single in his discography.[4][5][6] On the day of its release (March 6), the singer announced boy to be released on April 26, 2024.

On March 12, Luke announced his first solo world tour, Nostalgia for a Time That Never Existed (a tour by Luke Hemmings). On March 28, Luke announced "Close My Eyes" to be released on April 5. In the following weeks, he began teasing other songs from the album, and the record was released to the world on April 26.

The tour began on May 4, 2024 in Paris and is set to finish in Brisbane on June 16.


  1. "Shakes" (March 6, 2024)
  2. "Close My Eyes" (April 5, 2024)

Track list[]

Standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "I'm Still Your Boy" Luke Hemmings, Sammy Witte Witte 3:56
2. "Shakes" Hemmings, Witte Witte 3:15
3. "Benny" Hemmings, Witte, Elie Rizk Witte, Rizk 2:52
4. "Close My Eyes" Hemmings, Witte Witte 2:50
5. "Garden Life" Hemmings, Witte Witte 3:07
6. "Close Enough to Feel You" Hemmings, Witte Witte 3:33
7. "Promises" Hemmings, Witte Witte 4:32