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Derp Con 2014 is an event created by 5 Seconds of Summer to meet fans from all over the world. It was held in Los Angeles in the USA on November 15 and 16, 2014.


On August 28, 2014, the 5SOS band account announced on Twitter that they had some big news to announce telling fans to check back in 13 hours to find out what it was. #Guess5SOSNews was trending multiple times with the band account retweeting some of the fans' guesses of the news. After 13 hours had passed, they announced Derp Con by releasing a video on their YouTube channel and Twitter.



5 Seconds of Summer - Announcing... DERP CON !!

The website for the Derp Con has the following description of the event: "For the last few months, we have been working hard on a secret event. Now we finally get to reveal it to you....... We are very excited to announce the 5SOS Convention: DERP CON 2014!!

Derp Con 2014 is us bringing people from all over the world to Los Angeles in the USA to fight ninjas, internet haters and join in some serious banding. We are launching a worldwide competition where entrants (i.e. girls/boys) have the chance to be a part of this between November 15 and 16. As part of their reward, them will fly over to Los Angeles with a friend (prize incl. flights & accomodation) to attend Derp Con and come hang out at The Forum for our biggest headline show yet! There we will draw our battle lines and prepare to fight our foes. None shall stand in our way.

they will be able to find all the details on how you can enter here on the Derp Con website now - just click on your country on the world map. Keep checking over the next few weeks, we'll have plenty more stuff coming soon!

Those enlisted to join our league (along with their faithful sidekicks) will be assigned the task of representing their country and showing the rest of the world how awesome they are! We wish we could bring you ALL along... so if you can't come, we’ll be posting info on how you can get involved online very soon!

This is going to be EPIC. We cannot even begin to tell you.... GET EXCITED."


Fans from 35 countries could take part. Each country had its own separate challenge. These countries are:

  1. Canada
  2. United States of America
  3. Mexico
  4. Colombia
  5. Brazil
  6. Argentina
  7. Norway
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Denmark
  10. Ireland
  11. France
  12. Spain
  13. Portugal
  14. Italy
  15. Austria
  16. Switzerland
  17. Poland
  18. Belgium
  19. Germany
  20. Netherlands
  21. Finland
  22. Sweden
  23. India
  24. Singapore
  25. Indonesia
  26. Australia
  27. New Zealand
  28. South Africa
  29. South Korea
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Japan
  32. Thailand
  33. Taiwan
  34. Philippines
  35. Malaysia