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5 Seconds of Summer have created 2 promotional games for two different events in their career. The first game, Hungry 5SOS, was created as a sort of sneak peak for their first debut album. The second game, Road To Derpcon, was created to promote their event in late 2014, DerpCon.

Hungry 5SOS[]

Hungry 5SOS was the first official 5 Seconds Of Summer game to

Hungry 5SOS glitch

be created. In this pacman-esque game you play as the guys as well as their pool toy pet, Ketchup. In the background you could hear a muffled versions of songs from the She Looks So Perfect EP as well as the upcoming album. When you collected the guitars the muffle would go away and you would be able to hear the songs in high quality. Along with that, whenever you collected the guitars or ate the skull ghosts, each member would say a catchphrase.

Road To Derpcon[]

Released in October 2014, Road To Derpcon is the bands second

Road To Derp Con

game, it promoted the 5SOS convention: Derpcon. More and more levels were released as time went on, in the end there were 8. In the game you fight ninjas and look at kangeroos whilst playing as one of the 5SOS superhero alter egos from Don't Stop (Cal-Pal, Dr. Fluke, Mike-ro-Wave, and Smash).