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Following some by 5 Seconds of Summer band member Luke Hemmings.

  • Oh sorry, sometimes I sleep with my eyes open... Are we in Florida yet?
  • I LOVE penguins.
  • I would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse. It's frustrating.
  • Hey, hey, Michael. What is life?
  • i appreciate penguins.
  • ''Fuck you calum!''
  • only Petunia can judge me.
  • I hate this band
  • Petunia is my girlfriend she is gorgeous!
  • "Petunia is the light of my life."
  • " Taking the pants down fits with the image of the band."
  • " yOuR nEvEr gOnNa mAkE iT"
  • "i feel nervous..., it's nice to feel something
  • "It sounds a bit loud for an acoustic set Calum"
  • Luke: "Hey. It's 'Showbiz'" Ashton: "What are they saying?" Luke: "They're saying, they said Youngblood's doing well" Michael: "Ask them to put on 'The Top' but could be better" Luke: "But it's building well on Spotify. 'Showbiz' has to tell us" 'Showbiz is uncertain" Michael: "Is 'The Top' there?" Luke: "'The Top' hasn't called yet" Ashton: "They will, they will. They'll call" Luke: "'The Top' hasn't called yet" Calum: "Hey!" "'Rock bottom' here. We've missed you guys! Where you guys been??!" *Luke starts laughing while leaning towards Calum* Ashton: "What you just jerk around for 3 years?" Luke: "That joke fuckin' killed!"
  • Luke: "Anything I wanna say? I don't speak to the press. it's people like you that... mess up people like him *points at Calum* Look at this guy, he's broken! Oh, he's actually broken"
  • Luke: "Is rock 'n' roll innit, git sum whiskey on the hands and put in your hair that's how ya git rock 'n' roll there"
  • Ashton: "Well we're here in Amsterdam" Luke: "So...um.." Ashton: "Hey I was talking" Luke: "Tell me what "Want You Back" is about?" Ashton: "Well it's about wanting someone back" Luke: "Its about this fake betch. And you're like.. you're being a fake betch" Ashton: "You're a fake betch. I don't really want you back, you treated me really wrooong" Luke: "But then like they're like "you're my friend" and you're all like "Oh. You're like a fake betch but you're still my friend" Ashton: "You're so f**king fake"
  • Videographer: "Luke, where are you at right now?" Luke: "I'm on the highest point of San Siro Stadium and I am f**king terrified. But it's all for the content, you know? You gotta do this for the content. My hands are shaky. I'm such a coward"
  • Luke: "So, here we are. We've had 3 shows in a row. Promo, I don't even know where I am right now" Ashton: "But tonight the dogs will bark" Luke: "We're on Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show, playing our smash hit single Want You Back" Ashton: "Look out"
  • "Press my cheek against the glass/gloss, uh.... just be goo- I don't know who I am. Gloss?? Glass."
  • "Boy band turned punk rock turned alt pop genius writers, I mean it's f**king phenomenal" Director: "Can you say it without genius?" Luke: "oh sorry, Boy band turned punk rock turned alt pop genius writers, I mean it's f**king phenomenal, oh genius was the word" *Luke starts laughing hysterically*
  • Luke: "Album is out- Ashton: You're done Luke: "LET ME FINISH!!!!"
  • "And on my left we have the sensation, the bODACIOUS, the CALUMMMMMM HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD"
  • "You fake betch"
  • “Friendship is like peeing yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling it brings.”
  • "Cause we could, feeeeel something's broken" *punches air* "MY HEART"
  • "Hey we're 5 Seconds of Summer. Summer? Hey we're Foive Secuhnds of Summah."
  • "I don't know who I am"
  • "Gaffer? I've never heard Gaffer before."
  • "Petunia, get a job!"
  • "Petunia,if your planning a surprise birthday party, just tell me now, I'll act surprised alright? Is there one? Hm ?"