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"The Perfect Disguise" is an unreleased song by 5 Seconds of Summer. The song was performed live in 2012 but they stopped performing it as the crowds got bigger in 2013.



The Perfect Disguise - 5 Seconds Of Summer


5 Seconds of Summer- Perfect Disguise (Lyrics)

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[Verse 1]
Take a left at the exit please
He's gotta get out of this body
His lungs collapse on the side of his guitar
Regrets with nothing left so far
Cause he knows when or not to play himself

He wears the perfect disguise
That keeps them on their feet
Trying to play Prince Charming
When he's dying within
Tells himself he gotta be real
Tells himself he's going to steal the scene
He's asking the question
Whether he's messing around or he's serious

[Verse 2]
Take a right over here
Please and thank you
Cause he gotta get his head outta the sky
And a decision to lie
To keep him fine
Cause he knows when or not to play himself


Time can't buy
What we're looking for
It's like an island
Oppressed and we're poor
If this turns out the way
It's supposed to go
I'll see you tonight
When everything's so blind in the lights

[Chorus X2]