aka Samantha

  • I live in your nightmares... *distant evil laugh*
  • I am watching NCIS to an almost obsessive level

Hi, i'm Samantha!

First off, i'd like to apologize in advance if I mess up at all, I may not be the newest member here, but I do have a tendancy to make mistakes sometimes! x3

Well anyway, I suppose I should now write a few things about me, since i'm going to hazard a guess that this is what this section is for. xD

I'm quite a big fan of The Hunger Games trilogy, though the last book was a little disappointing in my opinion, and I ship Haymitch & Effie (A lot), Finnick and Annie, and am also on Team Gale.

I also really like 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift (Yay for Swifties! <13 ), Youtube (As if you hadn't guessed by the fact that I qoute Phan - Amazingphil & Danisnotonfire - every chance I get), MerlinDoctor Who, and Animes & Mangas (Too many to list!) :3

So currently that's all i'm going to write on here, as I think that's all that is needed, but I may add more at a later date if the mood takes me.

Dan and phil heart

Bye for now! :D

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