aka Too many names

  • I live in My bedroom
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is A geek Discord enthusiast
  • I am Female

I am Satya/Domino. I love love love 5SOS. God Bless.

Age is between 14 and 15.
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My favourite 5SOS song these days

Hobbies are, too many. Like, singing, reading, dancing, painting, history to name a few.

I am an aspiring songwriter. And I mostly do pop music, but if you talk about my favourite songs, they include some Dean Martin the Elvis Presley.

I live in India. If you didn't recognize from my profile.

AHEM. If you are checking out my account(since if you are reading this, that would only mean one thing) may I know why? Feel free to leave a message!

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