heyyy, im new here. very anti-social person o.O Luke is my soul mate <3 full time fangirl!!! ;) follow my Twitter that i never use (barely get on but when i do i get off in like 5 mins) @lrhismyhusband (personal) @myfouraussiehusbands (update) and my YouNow account @k.brooo Im gonna try to get on them more.. 

if you follow my Twitter you should turn on my post notifs so when i Tweet you'll get notified since im never on :) lol im awkward, sorry. You could also maybe sort of maybe if you wanna.. tell me in the live chat or the comments or something what kind of other music you like besides 5sos obvi or what YouTube channels you watch. I watch MyDigitalEscape because their amazing <3 lol, bye!

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